SNS Dipping Powder Secrets You Should Be Aware Of

The invention of dipping powder manicures has revolutionized nail care in the cosmetics industry. Women started preferring dipping powder more to other nail manicures because of its apparent benefits.

SNS Dipping Powder

Benefits of dipping powder manicure

Compared to other nail manicures like acrylic or gel polish, dipping powder is easy to apply and does not require high mastery levels.

As the process is easy, it can be mastered at home. Hence, there is not much need to visit a nail salon. In these times of lockdown restrictions, dipping powder manicure has come as a Godsent opportunity to women.

Dipping powder is available in an incredible range of color combinations. You have excellent products like SNS dipping powder color coming up with a magnificent array of dipping powder manicure options.

SNS nails lasts much longer than the traditional acrylic or gel manicures. A correctly done dip manicure can easily last for four to five weeks comfortably.

Dipping powder manicure does not involve ultraviolet lamps or LED lights for curing the polish layers. Hence, you do not expose your nails or skin to harmful UV rays, the continuous exposure to which can cause hazardous diseases like cancer.

The dipping powder removal process is one of the most convenient when compared to other manicures.

Let us quickly go through the application and removal procedures briefly for those who are new to such manicures.

Dipping powder Application procedure

As mentioned above, a dipping powder manicure is amongst the most comfortable of all other manicures. There is no question of a dominant right or left hand because it does not involve much use of the brush, except for applying the base and topcoat.

Preparing the nails for the dipping powder manicure is vital. It requires trimming your nails into shape without any sharp edges that could cause problems. It is best to use a high-quality sterilized nail file or buff to cut and trim your nails and file them into shape. You can also buff the nail surface to remove any polish remnants or oils that could affect the dip powder manicure job.

Secondly, you should ensure that the cuticles do not come in the way of your manicure. It is best to push them gently into their grooves using an orangewood cuticle pusher. Using force to push the cuticles can cause unnecessary injuries to your nails that can take time to heal.

Clean the nail surface using lint-free cotton wipes to ensure there is no debris sticking to it. The basecoat application is crucial because it helps bind the SNS dip nails to the nail. It is advisable to apply a basecoat to up to three-fourths of your nail surface initially.

The next step is to dip your nails into the dipping powder bottle. You have an exciting range of color options before you. When doing so, you must ensure to submerge your entire nail at an angle of 45 degrees into the bottle. It ensures that the polish spreads evenly over your nail. Use a smooth brush to dust off the excess polish. Alternatively, you can shake your fingers from one side to the other and let the excess powder fall off.

If required, you can have a second basecoat application for a thicker coating. Under such circumstances, you should not extend the basecoat into the cuticle area. It is better to leave out a tine gap or a millimeter to avoid dipping powder getting into the cuticle grooves. You can proceed with a second dip to have a thicker coating.

The activator gel application is the next part of the procedure. It activates the ingredients present in the SNS nail colors and binds it to the nail surface. Finally, you can proceed with the topcoat application. A thin layer of topcoat should suffice to lend the ideal glossy feel to your SNS nails. The topcoat does not require much time to dry out.

Your dipping powder manicure is now complete, and you can proudly display it as your social media account profile picture.

The dipping powder manicure can comfortably last for more than four weeks. As your nails grow naturally, they push the polished portion forward. After about four weeks, you might have to remove the dip powder polish and have a fresh manicure. Let us discuss the removal procedure in brief.

Dipping Powder Removal Procedure

Though it can be tempting to pick at the dip powder layer, it is not advisable to do so. The idea procedure involves the use of nail polish remover or acetone solution.

It is best to use a cotton ball dipped in acetone and place it on the nail. An aluminum wrap can prove beneficial to secure the cotton ball in pace. One should wait for around 20 minutes for acetone to do its job of dissolving the nail polish. On removing the cotton balls, you will find the polish sliding out on its own. The final step is to wash your nails with soap and water. You should ensure to massage your nails with cuticle oil to let them regain the lost moisture.


It is ideal for you to follow the above procedures in detail to acquire the most beautiful SNS nails in town.