Learn How to Have a Dip Powder Manicure the Professional Way

Nail polish has always fascinated women down the ages. While vegetable dyes, beeswax, and other organic products were the primary ingredients of nail polish in the ancient period, you have gel polish, dip powder, and other manicures today. We shall discuss the dip powder manicure in this blog as it is a trending nail manicure procedure globally. One of the prime advantages of the dip powder manicure is that it lasts longer, does not harm your nails, and looks beautiful simultaneously.

Dip Powder Manicure

You get excellent products in the market like Kiara Sky dip powder and others that can ensure a high-quality manicure every time. Here is how you use the Kiara Sky dip powder to your advantage.

Step by Step Apply Kiara Sky Dip Powder

Prepping the nails for the manicure is crucial

Just as every monument requires a robust foundation, your nails require the perfect preparation before a high-quality manicure. The prepping procedure starts by cleaning your nails of all the debris that sticks underneath them. Then, you can use good-quality disinfectant soap and warm water to remove the muck. However, it is essential to dry your hands and nails thoroughly before proceeding further with the prepping.

The next part is cutting and filing the nails into shape. A sterilized nail file can do a good job. Besides smoothing the edges, this procedure helps you give the perfect shape to your nails, depending on your preferences. If you have short and round nails, it is better to go for an oval or elongated nail design. On the contrary, if you have long fingers, a round or square shape can look good.

After shaping your nails, you should carefully push the cuticles into their grooves without injuring them. Then, a nail buff can prove handy in roughing up the surface. Finally, you can use a cotton wipe dipped in alcohol to clean the debris and remove the oils sticking to your nail surface.

Applying the basecoat

Once your nails are ready and prepped for the manicure, you should not waste time applying the basecoat. The sooner you start the manicure, the better it is. The basecoat application is crucial for the Kiara Sky dip powder system because the dry powder cannot directly stick to your nails. Instead, they need an adhesive medium. The basecoat provides the perfect environment to allow the powder to stick to it.

When applying the basecoat, you should ensure to apply a thin coat and leave out a gap of around a millimeter from the base of the nail polish to the cuticle. It ensures that the dipping powder does not stick to the cuticles.

The dip powder application

After applying the basecoat, you can start with the dip powder application. The most common methodology is to dip your nails into the Kiara Sky powder bottle at an angle of around 45 degrees. It allows the powder to stick to the nail. Next, you should dust the excess powder from your nail. It is better to have a thin brush to spread out the powder evenly throughout the nail.

An alternative method is to pour the powder directly on your nails. Though it is a hygienically safe method, it can result in the wastage of dip powder. Otherwise, you can take dip powder in a separate bowl and dip your fingers into it.

The activator gel application

Once you apply the dip powder, you should proceed with the activator gel application. This solution allows the dip powder molecules to adhere to the basecoat and forms a protective layer of the nail. However, you should ensure to apply it in thin strokes evenly. Otherwise, it could result in lump formations.

The topcoat application

The final part of the dip powder procedure is the topcoat application. You can apply the topcoat as you apply your regular gel polish. Use a thin brush and apply it evenly over the nail. The topcoat dries within a minute of applying. If you need a matte finish, you can stop after an initial couple of applications. Otherwise, you can have multiple layers to get a shiny coat.


The advantage of using the Kiara Sky nail dip system involves using UV radiation to cure the polish. Though gel polish manicures can look shinier than dip powder jobs, the primary disadvantage is exposure to UV radiation. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause skin allergies that could lead to cancer. Therefore, the dip powder manicure is one of the safest of all nail manicures.

Besides, dip powder strengthens your nails and lasts comfortably long. Once you perform a perfect manicure, you need not look back for a minimum of two to three weeks. In addition, the manicures look beautiful enough for you to exhibit your nails on your social media handles.