OPI Gel Lacquer Nails – The Gel Polish Troubleshooting Guide

It is a fantastic experience to own beautifully manicured nails. Yes, it takes tremendous effort on your part to acquire such beautiful nails. Maintenance of exquisite nail work is critical. Here are some issues that one usually encounters when using gel lacquer polish. Learn how to resolve these issues and proudly display your remarkable nail manicures on your Instagram and Pinterest handles.

OPI Gel Lacquer

How to get your Gel Polish Nail Manis to last longer?

The best aspect of OPI gel nail lacquer applications is that they last long. However, it would help if you did the hard work to ensure its longevity.

Preparation of your nails is the key. Spending a minimum of ten minutes preparing your nails for the manicure is essential for the gel to adhere to your nails correctly. Applying in smooth and thin coats is any day better than rushing through the job.

Finally, the choice of topcoat is vital. A shiny coat is the best one to have. However, it would be best if you waited for the gel to cool before applying the topcoat. You end up with the most beautiful OPI gel lacquer nails ever.

How to speed up the gel application technique?

Though it pays to be patient, these simple tips and tricks can help you to speed up the process considerably. If you know how to use electric files, it is an asset. You could cut your filing and buffing time into half.

A self-levelling UV gel brand is advisable. Similarly, applying the gel in thin layers, especially around the cuticles, is advisable. It saves valuable time when you shape or buff your nails.

It is also an excellent idea to flash-cure the first layer of gel for about ten seconds. It ensures that it does not budge when you apply the subsequent layer.

How to apply gel lacquer close to the cuticle?

The cuticles are an essential part of your nails. One should ensure to push them back using a sterilized cuticle pusher. It is also advisable to trim off the excess cuticle.

People love to cure all their five fingers at once. However, it is not the right thing to do. Painting one nail could take between 15 to 20 seconds. By the time you finish the fifth nail, the polish on the first nail could shrink. Therefore, it is better to cure two fingers at a time. It prevents shrinkage, thereby making it comfortable for you to apply OPI nail lacquer as close to the cuticle as possible.

Secondly, the choice of brush is crucial. A thin brush allows you to get closer to the cuticle without smudging over it.

How to prevent the gel lacquer from peeling or chipping?

Usually, you find women concentrating on preparing the cuticle area. Yes, it is essential, but one should also focus on other places like the sidewalls and free edges. The gel lacquer polish can peel and chip from these areas, as well.

One way of tackling such a situation is to pull back the skin around the edges and sidewalls and use the pusher freely into the grooves. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep your buffers in excellent condition. Use a quality nail duster or lint-free nail wipe to remove the debris.

When applying gel lacquer, ensure to do so in thin coats. A thick coat will chip away easily. It is critical to cap the free edges to prevent chipping and peeling of the gel lacquer.

Detoxification of the nails is vital.

The secret to acquiring the best OPI gel nail polish is to ensure the detoxification of the nails between two successive gel polish applications.

Gel polish manicures last for four to six weeks comfortably. One should never rush into a subsequent nail manicure immediately after removing the earlier one. It is always better to have a gap of a week or two before jumping into the next manicure. It allows time for your nails to breathe and restore them to their natural health. The benefit is that it strengthens the nails for the next manicure and prevents breakages.

Experiment with gel lacquer nail air designs.

Many women feel that nail art is a complicated procedure. It is not so. Some of the most straightforward designs can be breathtakingly beautiful. However, one should master the skill before trying it out on their own hands. It is always better to approach a nail art specialist to get the job done.

The crucial aspect to remember here is to cure the nails properly before applying the topcoat. Otherwise, the design could smudge all over the nails and make it a messy affair.


Having an impeccable nail manicure is every woman’s dream. At the same time, one should master the art of applying gel lacquer polish. Using quality products like OPI gel and lacquer guarantees an excellent job every time. These tips discussed above can help you fix the common issues you encounter during a gel lacquer manicure.