9 Trendy Gel Polish Colors for This Christmas

Christmas is on the way and everyone is excited about it. You must be looking for ideas that can help you look stylish on the coming occasion. Apart from the outfit, other things like hairstyle, nail color, heels, and jewelry also matter a lot for getting the overall look you like the most.

These days, long maxis are in trend but if you do not want to go on a luxurious side, wearing a classy formal outfit will also look cool. Here, we have unveiled some gel polish shades that are in trend these days. Let’s dive into the details.

Top 9 Trendy Gel Polish Colors


You might be obsessed with the color red when it comes to choosing a long coat, lipstick, or nail paint. Red is known for class and it suits all types of outfits whether you wear formal or luxurious. However, red gel polish looks great with black, navy blue, white, and sky blue outfits.

So, if you have a plan to wear any of these outfits, get the red nail paint ready while making sure that it is one of the top gel polish brands because red itself has many sub shades. A glossy shade doesn’t look cool so we suggest choosing a plain red color.


Now, coming to a shade that is very common among ladies who like to try different shades. Bottle green nail paint looks amazing regardless of the color tone of your hands. It suits well with a black outfit as if you are looking for a contrast.

Red makes a wonderful contrast with green so you can go for that too. It is up to you which shade of green you choose but dark green is good to go especially if you want an elegant touch.


Do you like the shiny touch of silver? It is in trend and ladies love to wear it on special occasions. Silver is not always about shine because you can choose a plain tone too. The best thing is that silver goes well with almost every outfit as even if you are wearing pink, silver is good to go.

You can apply this shade on your feet too depending on your taste. When it comes to occasions, silver and gold shades are good to wear as you can even blend them.


Gold nail paint is one of the best options to choose to look amazing on special occasions like New Year and Christmas. The best quality about gold nail paint is that it does not look odd with any outfit and you can wear it confidently. Dark gold with a little touch of black can make you look classy and your party friends will surely complement that.

When you choose gel polish colors, make sure they are of top quality. Christmas is more about colors so it won’t be odd if you choose to look a bit funky.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the favorite of many but it contrasts well with a few shades only. If you are planning to wear a mustard long coat, navy blue nail polish is perfect to choose. Apart from it, navy blue complements black too. So, it is up to you which outfit you choose to wear with blue nail paint but try to not mix it with a lighter shade.


Are you looking for a unique shade that can add extra elegance to your personality, purple is an amazing option to lock? You should prefer a darker shade instead of a lighter purple. We have seen people wearing yellow with purple and they look amazing.


White may seem a bit ordinary but it is not. You can choose it confidently regardless of your skin tone. Christmas is an event when everyone loves to wear what they love the most. If you are wearing a funky outfit, white nail color will add a subtle touch. Feet with white nail color will also look amazing in heels and this is how you can carry yourself confidently.


Yellow is the color of those who love vibrant shades. A green outfit with yellow nail color will make you look gorgeous. However, confidence is important so whatever you wear, make sure to walk confidently.


Pink is in trend these days and for Christmas 2021, it is the shade of ladies who like a vibrant touch. It was not in demand a year back but now, its hype is real. You can sprinkle glitters on nails for a different look. It will be great if you learn basic nail paint art because plain shades look a bit boring while nail art can make them more impressive.


You will look stunning on the coming Christmas by following the fashion that is in trend. The above-mentioned gel polish are described well. So you should choose the one that can contrast amazing with your outfit.