Excellent Tips to Maintain a Healthy Gel Manicure

Can there be anything more beautiful than a perfectly done gel manicure? Unfortunately, no. Gel polish is always beautiful and long-lasting. However, it can be tough on your nails. Let us learn how and see the ways to overcome these issues to get healthy gel nails.

Before we look at the remedial measures and the precautions to take, shall we understand the health risks of gel nail colors?

Health concerns of gel nails

  • Gel manicures can make your nails brittle, resulting in frequent breakage, peeling, and cracking.
  • Gel nail colors can cause premature skin aging on your hands.
  • Continuous use of UV lamps increases the risks of skin cancer and other serious health issues like allergies.
  • Using acetone in the gel nail color removal process results in the nails and surrounding skin dehydration.
  • Cheap quality gel nail polish can result in allergies, skin problems, and nail infections.

How do we counter these health issues?

While these health issues are real, you will be happy to learn that you have remedies for each of these issues. You can exercise proper care and overcome these issues to have healthy gel nails that look refreshingly beautiful.

Interact well with your nail manicurist

The general problem associated with nail manicures is the maintenance of hygiene and proper sanitization measures in nail salons. Please check with your nail salon technician whether the tools they use are properly sterilized and cleaned after every client. It can help stop the spread of infections from one person to the other.

Many nail salon technicians cut the cuticles or push them hard. Please note that these activities can result in inflammation and nail infections. In addition, they can be painful and deter you from having a nail manicure.

Consider switching over to acetone alternatives

Acetone is the best gel nail color removal solution. However, everyone is not comfortable using acetone. It can dry your nails and make them brittle. The skin surrounding the nails also dries up and becomes pale. Acetone allergies are also common. So, it would be best to switch to non-acetone gel nail color removal solutions. Though few alternatives are available, it is good to try a few.

Soak your fingertips alone in acetone

Many nail salon technicians soak your entire fingers in acetone while removing gel nail colors. It is not necessary. You can use cotton swabs dipped in acetone. Place these swabs on your nails and wrap them with an aluminum wrap. Thus, your skin does not come in contact with acetone. So they do not get dehydrated.

Wearing sunscreen on your hands is beneficial

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is inevitable when you have a gel nail manicure. Many people consider that LED is a better option. Yes. LED is a good option, but even LEDs contain UV rays. The only advantage is that LED is faster than UV lamps in curing the gel color. So, there is less exposure to UV rays. But, you can prevent exposing your skin to UV rays entirely by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Besides avoiding exposure to UV rays and thus reducing the cancer risk, it reduces skin aging.

Use dark opaque gloves to beat UV radiation

Another excellent way to minimize UV exposure is wearing dark opaque gloves with exposed tips. It ensures that your nails alone are exposed to UV. Hence, it protects your skin.

Never pick gel nail polish

If you find the gel nail polish layer lifting from the nails, we advise you to go for a proper gel polish removal. First, picking the gel polish layer with your hands can cause the peeling of the nail surface and thus, result in injuries. Secondly, we suggest going for quick removal. Otherwise, the space between the polish layer and the nail can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Give your nails time to breathe

Many people mistake rushing into a new manicure after removing the existing one. However, the nails can become brittle and vulnerable after a gel polish session lasting three to four weeks. Hence, it is advisable to give your nails some time to breathe. A week’s holiday should be sufficient to provide adequate rest to your nails and let them recuperate.

Rehydrating your nails is crucial

As your nails lose moisture during the nail polish removal process, we suggest moisturizing the nails and allowing them to rehydrate. Cuticle oil is the best solution. Petroleum jelly is also an excellent moisturizer that helps minimize brittleness. Thus, you can prevent chipping and breaking of the nails.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed several preventive and remedial measures to help healthy gel nails. Gel nail colors last long, and maintaining healthy nails can go a long way in making your nails look more beautiful. Thus, it adds to the attraction quotient.

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